Why your “free report” doesn’t work as well as it used to

By Karl Freitag •  Updated: 09/01/17 •  1 min read

For many years, the venerable “free report” has been the workhorse tool that practically every business uses to generate leads.

That’s the problem. *Everyone* is doing it. Potential customers and clients are hit by a barrage of free report offers every day.

The result? Free reports are now losing much of their impact.

But, here’s good news. There’s something you can do that’s often converting way better — and it has a higher perceived value to boot.

After you learn about this new method, you’ll want to retire your tired, old free report for good.

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Karl Freitag

Karl Freitag helps companies boost sales with email marketing. He is well established as a top direct response copywriter and was formerly Copy Director for a $120 million a year direct marketing company. He's also an award-winning boxing journalist, author of four science fiction books, photographer and table tennis player. He lives in Vero Beach, Florida.