Looking for a hired gun?

Did you know all copywriters aren’t the same?

If you think copywriters are just someone you hire to put words on a page, well, there are plenty of those around.

Online schools have been flooding the marketplace with thousands of so-called copywriters who hang out their shingle after watching a few videos and passing some easy open-book exams. Many of these writers are trained to use templates which can produce potentially decent cookie-cutter copy.

But fill-in-the-blank templated copy will only get you so far.

A really strong copywriter is much more than someone who fills in words on a template. They are a writer, behavioral psychologist and marketing troubleshooter all rolled into one.

To really help a client, I might not even write copy at all…even if that’s what they think they need.

What I do is come in not knowing anything about your business. Then, like peeling back the layers of an onion, we’ll explore all different kinds of opportunities.

Maybe you need new copy to better convey your message. But maybe you would be better off to completely reinvent your offer. Or maybe you have untapped profit possibilities in the back-end of your sales funnel (this is very common).

The thing is because I’m coming from outside your business, I’ll see things from a different perspective than you do.

If you want a pair of fresh eyes to look over your marketing, why not block out some consulting time and say, “Here’s all our advertising. What do we need to do to fix it?”

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