Are You an Avatar?

Probably not.

But these days copywriters are often trained to create “avatars” (a template persona) for the market they’re writing to.

For example, they’ll invent “Earl,” a 47-year-old male, divorced, 2.3 kids, mid-level manager, workaholic, etc. Then in their copy, they’ll try to mimic the style and tone they’d use with “Earl” to sell him your product.

I don’t think much of the avatar method.

To me, it’s much better to keep it real.

I am writing to YOU.

You are a real person who has wants, needs, values, fears and goals.

I don’t need to make up “a persona.” I just want to tell YOU the truth in an entertaining way.

Even the best copy in the world won’t help if you’re not reaching the right market with a great offer. However, if you’re already having some success with mediocre copy, great copy can really open up the floodgates.

Contact me for an evaluation of your current marketing if you want to see how high is high.

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