Email = Wildly Profitable

By Karl Freitag •  Updated: 09/03/17 •  1 min read

Email is not just a communications channel.

It’s a profit center. For many companies, email marketing accounts for 30-40% of their overall revenues.

A few years ago, the Direct Marketing Association reported in their annual DMA Statistical Fact Book that email marketing generates an average 4,300% ROI. In other words, they claim for every $1 spent, you get $43 back.

Another DMA study showed an average ROI of 3,800% with one in five companies generating more than 7,000%!

The bottom line is email is ridiculously more cost effective than social media, direct mail or pay-per-click.

That’s why 91% of B2B companies and 77% of B2C companies have an email marketing program.

Which also shockingly means that many thousands of companies aren’t doing email marketing at all. And as we see every time we glance inside our own inboxes, hundreds of thousands more are doing it badly.

If you’re not happy with your email results, I can help.

Karl Freitag

Karl Freitag helps companies boost sales with email marketing. He is well established as a top direct response copywriter and was formerly Copy Director for a $120 million a year direct marketing company. He's also an award-winning boxing journalist, author of four science fiction books, photographer and table tennis player. He lives in Vero Beach, Florida.